Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 2- Italy

For our second culinary adventure we "visited" Italy. If you go to a restaurant and order Italian food here in the US, you usually end up with the most diet unfriendly, unhealthy offering imaginable. Very calorie laden, very fattening. Many times when we cook Italian in our own kitchens here in the US we don't fare much better. Very heavy, very saucy. Alfredo sauce, baked ziti, lasagna.

When the time came to cook Italian (not my husband's favorite for reasons mentioned above) I knew I had a challenge before me. Not only did I have to find something my family would enjoy, I had to find something lighter. Mediterranean food is supposed to be good for you after all.

Plus, it was a hot day.Armed with a stack of cookbooks again fresh from the local library, I finally crafted the evening's more in the original blog post.

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