Saturday, October 29, 2011

Market Day: Guess What I'm Making! (Malta)

Finally, after getting moved due to work schedules, we're about to travel to Malta in our kitchen! Hurrah! Our culinary adventure to Malta will include a light, easy supper. As you can see I'm cutting a corner by buying Puff Pastry shells rather than making my own pastry. What a blessing to have the option available on a busy weekend day! 

Ingredients: Pepper, salt, eggs, onions, garlic, split peas, curry powder, puff pastry, ricotta. Totally forgot to throw olive oil into the picture! 

Can you guess what we're having? You can find hints as always on my previous blog entry Planning Day: Malta.

Comment below with your guesses or even suggestions!


  1. Wow!
    Sounds yummy!

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  2. So glad you stopped by and started following! Hope you enjoy!

  3. My husband has family in Malta! I'm sure the food will be yummy :)

  4. Frugal in WV, that's awesome! What are some favorite Maltese dishes?

  5. I totally love that you're usng the premade pastry! Kudos! Thanksforfollowing now following back :-)

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  8. Thanks MommyWithSelectiveMemory. It makes it easier ;)
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