Thursday, October 13, 2011

Market Day- Guess What I'm Making!

This morning I woke in the chill pre-dawn, long before my usual time, with an idea. Why not have a preview of the dish(es) I'm going to make by letting you peek inside my grocery bags? You'll have an idea of the ingredients that go into the dishes I make ahead of time. Plus, you'll be able to learn if I was able to get them at the corner supermarket/farmer's market or if a stop at a specialty store was in order. This week I only had to go to my local supermarket.

Trivia: BTW, did you know garlic is much, much cheaper at an Asian market than a grocery store? Just fyi. 

Let So can you guess from the following ingredients what we'll be making? 

Flour, olive oil, eggs, cheese, potatoes, mint, sage, bay leaf, garlic

Comment below with your guesses! 

(Please forgive the quality of photos on this blog or lack thereof; I am working with a phone's camera for now)

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