Sunday, October 9, 2011

So it begins.

Cooking 'round the world is nothing new in my house. It all started a few months after my husband and I got married. We had recently learned we were expecting our first baby and were in the process of looking for a house. I found that so frustrating! I wanted something interesting. I love to cook. He loves to cook and eat. We both enjoyed visiting restaurants others than Chilis, restaurants that had Greek, Mediterranean, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian, Ethiopian food. Interesting food, healthy and exotic. So I decided to cook 'round the world in a year "and I'll continue it after the baby is born!" I said to myself.

It worked! Each week we both looked forward to our next adventure. Each week I updated a note on my personal facebook page. "Blog about this!" someone told me. "Why?" I wondered. After the year was up and as my newborn changed into an older baby, I tried to get a "cooking routine" going instead of having "adventures". Experienced mom friends said that's what moms do, after all. It wasn't me. 

So here I am. Blogging just on our culinary adventures.

We've already had two, and I blogged about them on my other blog. Should I re-post the same entries here or just link to them? We had some Spanish, Greek, and Italian food. I purposefully tried to choose healthier meals than the heavily sauced Italian foods we think of. Right now I'm exploring the foods of the mediterranean. Sometimes I find inspiration from an armload of cookbooks I bring home from the local library. Other times, blogs, or perhaps cooking websites. Wherever the inspiration come from, the result is usually a lot of fun to make, and tasty to eat. 

I hope I can keep up with this blog. I hope you enjoy it. Here we go!

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