Friday, April 26, 2013

A Week of Mexican Meals?

A week from Sunday is Cinco de Mayo.

Now I enjoy Mexican food.

Plus I have a four year old who is becoming more aware.of.people and places. He also enjoys helping me in the kit hen (as you can tell if you check out Wee Wonderings).

So I am  considering planning a week of Mexican meals. I already own Rick Bayless' book "Authentic Mexican". Yesterday I made a.little list of Mexican cookbooks I can get at the library. So it's definitely.planning tkme. Question is can I create a diverse enough menu to keep things interesting? Can I ?

How about easy? I do have ayoung baby to care for as.well. The library.also has a book called."Slow Cooker Mexican". Might be worth checking out.

If hou planned a week of Mexican dinners what would your menu look like?