Thursday, October 27, 2011

Planning Day: Malta

The island of Malta is a neighbor of Sicily. It has its own cuisine which is a blend of many other cuisines, particularly with an Italian and an Arabic influence according to multiple resources I've read. Since "fresh is best" seems to be a motto for Maltese foods, in-season vegetables are an important part of the dishes. I think I like it already!

Stews made with locally caught fish and vegetables. Pies and pastries are both sweet and savory, a normal part of Maltese cuisine. Mmm, pies with fish and vegetables? Pastries filled with cheese and vegetables? Sounds delicious. Nougat and macaroons- my mouth is watering already. But pretty heavy on carbohydrates! Apparently if I want to eat healthy, I'll just stick with stew. Stew can be hardy, and of course the weather will be cooperating. On the other hand, hey, it's an adventure right? I can enjoy something like a pie or a pastry. What to choose?


  1. I am starting to get hungry after reading this. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Sounds interesting. You don't normally think of fish and pies. LOL Thanks for stopping by and linking up on our hop! I'm now following both of your blogs! Through the Eyes of a Tiger