Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Planning Day (Corsica)

The weekend is quickly approaching so it's time for me to start planning our next adventure.

What is known:
The country we're "visiting": Corsica.
What the place is: An island off France and Italy.

The local weather: Cooling off and rainy. So nothing summer like. Maybe something heartwarming.

Must decide:
What in the world are we to eat?
Do I have many ingredients on hand?
By any chance, does the library possibly have a cookbook somewhere on this?!
When will I shop for the ingredients I don't have?

I learned that an old saying in Corsica is "Eat your soup or jump out the window." Hm, maybe soup is the way to go. Go, proceed, not go- SPLAT! Sorry, bad attempt at a joke. They also love eggs, so perhaps that route instead.

I enjoy these culinary adventures. Not only are they usually quite tasty, but they also help me to learn a lot about places I've never been. Perhaps, one day, I will be able to travel and try these foods first hand.

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