Friday, October 14, 2011

4: The Answer to What I Made is (Corsican cooking adventure)---

Last night was it! We "traveled" to Corsica in our kitchen.  It didn't take long to make or use a lot of ingredients. A pretty easy and down-home meal.

What did I make using flour, olive oil, eggs, potatoes, mint, sage, bay leaf, garlic, and cheese?

A nice loaf of bread

Mint and sheep's cheese omelet (apparently you can use ricotta)

Garlic-Potato soup (served over bread with more bread on top of the whole thing!)

The resulting flavors were very down-home as I mentioned before.   I was thinking it'd be about as garlic-y as French onion soup is onion-y. Overpoweringly garlic soup. It wasn't! In fact, if you are a garlic lover it probably could have used more than one bulb of garlic to get the real garlic flavor coming.  The part that definitely reminded me of French onion soup was serving it with the crusty bread.  My husband had a sore throat last night and said it was perfect to sooth it. Suppose it's a good alternative to chicken soup in that way!

Oh, the omelet was all our favorite. When I read the recipe called for "sheep's feta" and mint I wasn't quite sure what I'd think of a minty omelet. Once again it wasn't enough to be overwhelming. The flavors from the mint were rather subtle. They seemed to serve as a means to balance out the stronger flavor from the cheese. The eggs were light and fluffy. Altogether a really pleasing omelet to enjoy. My 2 year old wanted more! 

We all enjoyed our "trip" to Corsica. There was nothing particularly jazzy about the flavors. They didn't exactly pop. Still, there was nothing at all to complain about the meal. It was good. Good down-home cooking, Corsican style. 

Recipes coming later this weekend in another post!

Questions-- Which sounds the tastiest to you? Would you have tried any or all of them, or looked for completely different recipes? 


  1. Hi Lisa, Morgan from Real Women Cook, about the peanut butter.. I don't see why you have to add it, the original recipe didn't call for it. Maybe you could try adding more honey or something else that you prefer. If you go by the original recipe it doesn't call for anything being melted but the butter. So maybe add more of that?
    I am sorry I am no help I've only made it a handful of times and have yet to make it without peanuts and peanut butter.

    Thank you for your comments!

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  3. Thanks Morgan!

    Frugal, thanks for following me! I'll certainly check out your blog.