Monday, October 31, 2011

6: Our Dinner (Malta)

As the week kept rolling along so did our planned culinary adventure. But finally on Saturday I made it to the market and found the time to cook! None of us were very hungry. We didn't want a large meal. As the day drew to a close we just wanted to settle down with something light, easy-to-eat, and enjoy a good movie together. Thankfully the Maltese supper I'd planned was a perfect fit.

In the end using all these ingredients

we enjoyed a very light, easy-to-eat supper perfect for movie night!

I made Pastizzi!

They're basically like a meat pie without the meat. We enjoyed two varieties. One with made with curried vegetable (split peas with curry and onion) and the other with a cheese filling (ricotta and eggs). I enjoyed the curried split pea ones best, my husband the ricotta cheese filled pies. My toddler just enjoyed the fun of having pocket pies for supper. Something he could eat with his hands.

Sunday after church we reheated the leftovers for a light lunch. They reheated beautifully. In fact the flavors were actually better the second day than the first. I read online Pastizzi freeze well. Now I wish I'd made a really large batch to freeze. Because they reheat so beautifully they would make a food to keep on hand in the freezer for a quick, grab-on-the-go or I'm-tired supper. I plan to make them again in the future. Perhaps I'll experiment with the fillings too.

Oh, also-- the ricotta filling is great baked in a pie crust with mixed vegetables and some chicken. I made a pie with it for supper tonight. So yummy! Perhaps I'll have to blog about that over on Wee Wonderings this week.

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