Friday, April 20, 2012

Planning Day: Nigerian Culinary Adventure

If you're waiting on my final entry for Ghana, it's coming. I am looking forward to sharing our main dish with you. It's simple, easy to prepare, and perfect for warm weather. Very appropriate as the weather continues to warm! Right now I'm in overload concerning what I want to make for our Nigerian adventure. I'm very tempted to try a breakfast recipe. Crepes or a bean pancake with a custard on the side. Problem is finding custard powder, which is according to my brief web search slightly different from our instant pudding mix. Now that I live in a largish city I hope I can track some down...breakfast like that would be fun! Then there's the stews! Very meaty and several carry the warning "very spicy". It seems like everything is served with "white yam" or plantains too. Oh, and they have the most interesting salads. There's also a dish that reminds me of scotch eggs, one that reminds me of doughnuts...just so much from which to choose. As I said what's particularly tempting is embarking on more than one adventure here. We'll see. There are several African restaurants in town, if I want to try something cooked by someone who knows how after I'm done with this particular adventure!

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