Monday, April 23, 2012

Avocadoes Stuffed with Fish & Eggs

This would make such a great summer lunch! 

It's a plate full of avocados stuffed with fish and egg. Sounds different, tastes yummy. If you like tuna salad stuffed in a tomato, you'll probably enjoy this.

Hard cook your eggs.

Then cook your fish. I just lightly seasoned it with salt and pepper.

When your eggs are cooked and cooled, remove the yolks and mash them up. Mix the yolks with sugar, lime, oils, milk. You want it to be smooth as a pudding.

Chop up the egg white and add it in.

Add the chopped cooked fish.

Then chill, and stuff in the avocados. Chop your bell pepper to sprinkle over with some pimentos. Squeeze some lime juice over, and serve. 

It's a pleasant and healthy meal. You can find the recipe here

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