Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl finger food dessert: Moroccan Honeyed Dates

If you're going shopping for food for a Super Bowl party tomorrow, or even if you've already finished shopping, you might want to consider picking up some dates for a fabulous and easy to make Super Bowl friendly dessert.

Dates. Sweet and filled with fiber. A healthier treat to have around when you want something sugary, for sure. Almonds. Who will argue the health benefits of eating a few almonds? Now picture coating the almonds in honey, carmelized, and stuffing the honeyed almonds in some plump, juicy dates. Sounds pretty good! It sure is.

My whole family devoured this easy to make Moroccan dessert the other night when we had our Moroccan dinner adventure. My husband when he saw the stuffed dates commented "These look like footballs!" I laughed "Perfect for a superbowl party!" He agreed.

They do look rather like footballs...
But the taste. Wow. What an explosion of sweet chewiness! These are addictive!

Here's how my son and I made them.

Dates Stuffed With Honeyed Almonds

Put the almonds in a pot. You'll use as many almonds as you have dates. If you want to caramleize a few more for your kids to much on when they're cool, it's not a bad idea.

Adults only here! Cook the almonds with a couple tablespoons honey until caramelized. Cool on parchment paper.

Split the dates lengthwise and remove the pits.

Now comes the fun part. Feel free to let your child(ren) help stuff the honeyed almonds in the dates.

Yum! A tasty healthier dessert perfect for a superbowl or any party!

Find the recipe here at Maroque.


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  2. Thanks for the follow! I think my family would love to have them again.