Monday, February 13, 2012

Planning Day: Tunisia!

I am so excited at the prospect of cooking a Tunisian dish. Food seems to be quick and easy to make, using ingredients pretty much always found in cupboards and pantries. Also nice and cheap.

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Tunisian food is supposed to be very spicy. Yeah, that sounds great! Unfortunately not for the whole family. May have to tone it down for my toddler. He used to appreciate spice but for the past month has been wanting his food mild.

Couscous is again often a featured dish. It seems to be fairly universal in that norther region of Africa. Since couscous is so enjoyed by my family I have no problem serving it again if necessary. Rather like we eat dishes with rice or pasta, the couscous becomes a bottom layer upon which to serve vegetable and protein (bean and meat like lamb) based stew-like dishes.

Seafood seems to be fairly common in the northern region. There's one dish called Brik that's rather like a meat pie except it's stuffed with tuna fish and egg. I've been thinking we need to include more fish and seafood in our diet.

Tunisia also has a quiche like dish called a tajin. I suppose another comparison for the tajin would be the Spanish tortilla. Yet another home-style dish called shakshouka is made by simmering various vegetables on the stove top and adding eggs to the top. Thinking the "tajin" sounds the least daring.

The ingredients are mostly very normal. The results, well, different. Will we enjoy it? Sure hope so. What would you make if you were crafting a Tunisian supper for your family?

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