Tuesday, November 8, 2011

7: Our Turkish Dinner

A big apology to my readers! I'm sorry it took me so long to update. Life intervened.

Sunday was our Turkish adventure. We enjoyed an extremely simple, sweet pumpkin soup. A savory chickpea salad that made it feel like summer despite the red, yellow, and orange leaves outside our window. Some tasty zucchini cakes that have to be healthier than the fried zucchini you get at Carl's Jr. Meatballs, and of course some pilaf.

You can find this recipe for chickpea salad at Binnur's Turkish Cookbook. It's really easy to whip up and full of flavor. This was my personal favorite dish! I also loved just how filling it is. I've eaten the leftovers for lunch and been perfectly satisfied. The dressing is what really makes this salad special. 

I think these zucchini cakes would make an excellent appetizer for any party. I found the recipe in the cookbook Arabesque. It's made of chopped onion and zucchini, mixed with feta cheese and a bonding agent of flour, eggs, seasonings. They're cooked until browned on both sides and then ready to eat. A very delicious appetizer indeed. Definitely a healthy alternative to fried zucchini!

This sweet pumpkin soup was the favorite of the rest of the family. There were only a few ingredients which means their request to make this regularly will be no problem for me! A can of pumpkin, some vegetable broth, a teaspoon of sugar, salt and pepper all cooked until heated through. Serve with a swirl of Greek yogurt for a delicious meal!

The pilaf was extremely simple. It made an excellent side dish. We all agreed the simplicity of the flavors would make this great with any dish- meatloaf, BBQ chicken, you name it. Simply wash and then saute your basmati rice in butter. Then cook it in stock and season with salt and pepper. It's that simple.

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