Monday, January 16, 2012

Planning Day: Cooking Around...


I've decided. It's a done deal. Last week I got back to cooking a few soups and stews as we started settling in to our new home in our new (much larger) city. I can't wait to start our culinary adventures up again. Hopefully this week!

My favorite restaurant of all time is an Ethiopian place in St Louis, MO. Every time I have visited St Louis I've stopped there for dinner. In case you're curious, the restaurant is called Meskerem. I just love eating Ethiopian food and theirs is particularly delicious!

Yes, the continent of Africa sounds like an exciting place to explore in the coming weeks. I plan to start with cuisines in North Africa and gradually work my way south. Looking forward to exploring the cuisines of places like Morocco, Algeria, and other countries very soon! Now off to find some recipes while my toddler naps!

Do you have a favorite African cuisine, restaurant, or a favorite recipe? 

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