Saturday, May 18, 2013

Next adventure: Japan

 This month is my fifth wedding anniversary. When we married my husband (who is trying to learn Japanese & loves Kamen Rider and other Japanese tv shows) suggested we should try to visit Japan for our fifth anniversary. Little did we know we'd be having our second child and buying our second (larger) house that year instead. Guess we'll work towards visiting Japan for our tenth anniversary instead.

Meanwhile I can continue to learn about their food and cooking at home. While I have an aunt who is Japanese and a cousin who lives in Japan, what I've been learning about their food comes from books and the Internet. I love how very healthy it is. There are some nice subtle flavors too.

Did you know making sushi at home is comparatively inexpensive? Have you ever tried yakisoba, the  buckwheat noodle and vegetable dish stir-fried with a touch of sake? Miso soup is so comforting too, like chicken soup.

We're going to enjoy this.

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  1. Hi LC. I visited Japan after a long fascination with the country. In my younger years I trained in aikido (ask hubby, he may know) and when news came of a training session at our head dojo, I decided I had to go. I took a crash course in Japanese language, but still could'nt speak or understand it when I arrived there. He he! Long story short.. It is a wonderful country, safe, clean and picturesque. Good luck with getting there!