Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Making Spanish Paella

For European night last week I found an easy and delicious version of Paella on allrecipes. Researching it, I learned there are different versions of paella. Some are heavier on seafood than others. Just depends what part of Spain. The seasonings are pretty important though.
If you are a fan of Cajun or Creole Jambalaya, you might find the different flavors but somewhat similar construction of Paella an interesting change. It makes for an easy, family, one-pot meal.

You coat pieces of chicken with a mixture of spices such as olive oil, paprika, oregano, and salt and pepper, the refrigerate.
Meanwhile, put some olive oil in a large skillet. Heat it up, adding garlic, red pepper flakes, and rice. Brown the rice and get a nice aromatic smell coming from your pan. Not done with spices yet though! Add in saffron threads. Or if you absolutely can't and want to make the recipe, use tumeric, but realize it won't be quite the same. At least though you'll have a yellow color! Other spices include bay leaf, parsley, grated lemon zest (it's going to taste a little lemony!), and some broth. Bring all this to a boil and cover.

Quickly brown your meat (chicken, chorizo) and saute some bell pepper then add it to the pot. Continue cooking, covered, until rice is cooked. Then add shrimp and cook until no longer pink.

Serve and enjoy!

Here is the recipe I used. I discovered reading other recipes that the meat is usually cooked with the rice. It's good, but a bit lemony, so perhaps next time I'll buy small lemons. 

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