Thursday, October 24, 2013

It's Easy to Improvise with Stir Fry: Using Ingredients

I had 2/3 a head of cabbage and some soba noodles left. A few carrots remained in the vegetable drawer begging to be used up before they began to wilt. The cupboard was full of various oriental seasonings. So I got creative. It's easy to improvise with stir fry.

Some oil in the skillet heated up, I sliced some green onion and julienned the carrots.

Baked tofu, seasoned with teriyaki, was added next.

The head of cabbage was chopped and tossed in the pan. Sprouts added burst of gorgeous green color. Shiitaki mushrooms, mmm! My 4 year old's favorite.
Finally just before serving it was tossed with the cooked soba noodles and a sauce. The sauce was just dark & regular soy sauce, some chile paste, a touch of sugar...we ate off this stir fry for three days. It made a lot!